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Safety Tips for BuySellUsedStuff Users

BuySellUsedStuff considers information security and privacy a very serious matter. We continually work hard to ensure that our members are protected against scams and other internet frauds. While most individuals who use BuySellUsedStuff have success with finding, buying, selling, renting or connecting with others, from time to time, we are made aware of attempted scams or frauds.

Information security is a shared responsibility and we have found one of the best ways to address this problem is to work with the community to report these instances and learn how to protect yourself. To ensure a positive trading experience, we have compiled the below information to help everyone be prepared to protect themselves and learn to identify risky situations.

Our goal is a safe, secure and easy to use online environment for our members.

Some steps you can take to protect yourself:

  • When buying or selling, you should meet in-person to see the product and exchange funds.
  • Never send money using payment services (e.g Western Union, Money Gram, Internet Banking or mailing a cheque etc.) to sellers or buyers.
  • BuySellUsedStuff will never ask about your personal or login information (password etc.) through emails and if you receive any email regarding this matter, please forward the message to us.
  • Never provide your personal or banking information (e.g. social insurance number, credit card number) to others over the Internet.
  • Inform BuySellUsedStuff in case of any attempted fraud or suspicious emails, ads, or other activity by community members.
  • Use common sense. A little groundwork and common sense on your part will go a long way in protecting yourself.

Some examples of common scams and frauds:

  • Phishing or Brand name Spoofing: You will get an email from BuySellUsedStuff or other brand name companies asking for your personal information or sending money through that site. Remember that BuySellUsedStuff and most of the other sites will never send out such emails. So be careful while responding back to these emails. Get more information
  • Overpayment: A buyer or seller will send you a cheque or draft of overpayment and ask you to return the balance. Often the cheque will bounce and you will have lost all money you sent to the other party. Get more information
  • Letter Scams: The seller claims to be a manager or government official and proceeds to ask you a number of personal questions to offer you a big money (figure often in millions ). Get more information
  • Pyramid Schemes: You get a work from home offer to make big money (e.g $100 or so) in an hour by packing stuff or typing articles. But before claiming that money you may be asked to sell the system to others. Get more information
  • 900 Scams: You will be encouraged, usually through an offer in the email, to call a 1 900 number in order to find out how much money you have won. You get an email about winning a grand prize like cash, car, boats, foreign trip etc,and your brief phone call will confirm which prize is yours. The per minute call charge will be around $4.99 and the automated voice system will force you to spend about 7 to 8 minutes during a call. Most often the prize money is one or two dollars and you end up by spending about $35-40 for the call. Get more information

How and where to report scams and frauds:

  • If you find an ad on BuySellUsedStuff which you suspect as Spam, Illegal or Violating the BuySellUsedStuff Policies then you can bring it in our attention by clicking on the 'Report this ad as abuse/spam/illegal' link on that ad's details page.
  • If you get some unsuspected emails from other users through this site then please report us.
  • In case of any fraud, inform us and file a report with your local police or the police in the community where the identity theft took place.
  • You may also contact the following agencies:

If you have any other question which is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.